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    Improving the quality of the water used for drinking

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With the guarantee of technology, and professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

High Efficiency

Our systems multiply the life of your electrical goods, taps, and pipe work at a low cost. We can provide a free quote so you can evaluate the savings

Health Benefits

Eliminate heavy metals from your pipes that can pass in to the water you use for cooking. The water from your shower will be better for your skin.

Easy installation

We can incorporate out systems in to your existing plumbing quickly and easily. Our technology is compact and non invasive in your daily life.

Maintenance and Guarantee

Our products require minimum maintenance, which we will conduct personally, with a home service available 365 days of the year. We provide two years of guarantee.

Less waste

Drastically reduce your plastic waste, use your existing appliances for longer to savemanufacturing new ones, and help to save the planet a little bit at a time.

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Residential property

We offer products aimed at apartments, bungalows and detached properties.

Complexes and Condominiums

For a reduced cost per neighbour you can share in our products throughout the community.


Reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your installations


Improve the quality of the water in your kitchen enjoying the protection our products offer.

Hair Salons

The treated water is better for your hair and skin


Reduce the aggressive nature of the water and improve your crop

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    We will analyze your water consumption and find the right solution for you.

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    We will provide a free quotation of the costs

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    Once you have agreed to our quotation we will install our systems

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    We will follow the needs of your system and maintain it accordingly


Commercial advisors

Responsible for presenting our products and answering any questions you may have.


Commercial Director

In charge of quotations and negotiation.


Qualified professionals will install the system quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

Repair and maintenance

We will assist you in any way necessary at your home.

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Discover the latest news and reports in the sector of water treatment, sustainability and water management.

Recirculating e-Shower

febrero 17, 2016
Water-saving showers conserve one of the world’s most precious resources, but their flow rate leaves something to be desired. Enter Hamwells‘ e-Shower, which pumps out recirculating water at a pressure reminiscent of less efficient showers. Lloyd Alter at Treehugger points out how the sustainable system values comfort and luxury, all while saving 80 percent of energy and 90 percent of water used in typical showers. If the thought of recycling your shower water is unsettling, fear not: the e-Shower has a classic function which drains all of the water used and a “refresh cycle,” which filters and purifies the water and reuses it up to seven times. So, you could first scrub yourself using the low-pressure classic feature and then use the refresh cycle for the remainder of your time to relax and revel in a luxurious high-pressure shower.   CEO Rob Chömpff explained how the goal of making homes energy-neutral is possible up until designers hit the roadblock of traditional showers, which can drain 100 liters of water every 10 minutes. “Requiring 10 liters of warm water a minute for a sustained period, the traditional shower demands huge investments in solar panels, electric boilers and the like. It was the linchpin blocking the sustainable energy neutral buildings of the future,” he said. Hamwells’ e-Shower could well be the final step in making truly energy-neutral homes and hotels a possibility. + Hamwells Via: Inhabitat

5 facts about water

febrero 16, 2016
Let’s face it; water is something we take for granted until we don’t have free access to it anymore. But accounts for 75% of our bodies’ composition as well as the planet we live on, and yet, only 1% of the water on Earth is drinkable. If there was ever a paradox, this is definitely one of them. Given this supply and demand, good conservation measures are vital. In other words, if we all want to continue drinking water and using it for our everyday needs, it is time to get serious about conserving water! Here are a few interesting facts about our water supply that you might want to know… before it disappears.   Vía: Inhabitat

Hablan nuestros clientes

“Después de 4 años tras la instalación de los sistemas de anticorrosión en nuestro complejo hemos reducido drásticamente el reemplazo de termos y averías en toda la línea hídrica. Por otro lado ha sido notorio el beneficio del agua de riego para la salud de las plantas”.

Director, Bahía Azul

“Fué sorprendente que después de apenas 6 meses de uso del sistema anticorrosivo pudimos observar además de la interrupción de los efectos anticorrosivos, el efecto anti-incrustante a la hora de hacer el mantenimiento del grupo de presión. El cuerpo de la bomba estaba como salido de fábrica”.

Responsable mantenimiento, Las Magnolias

“Por ley a la hora de abrir nuestro negocio tuvimos que he instalar un sistema de purificación de agua. La responsable de certificar el sistema no informó que el resultado de los análisis fué uno de los mejores que había realizado hasta el momento. En los sucesivos meses procedimos a instalar los sistemas anticorrosión para salvaguardar tanto nuestros electrodomésticos industriales como nuestra instalación hídrica”.

Gerente, Restaurante 722º Lajares

“Dada la amplia infraestructura de la propiedad en principio instalamos el sistema anticorrosivo. Muy satisfechos con los resultados decidimos instalar el sistema de purificación con objeto de reducir el consumo de plástico debido a la gran cantidad de agua necesaria tanto para nuestros animales de compañía y como para nuestro consumo personal”.

Laura, Villa en Lajares

“Fué increíble que después de dos año de tratamiento en la revisión periódica del tanque del agua caliente sanitaria, el ánodo de sacrificio de magnesio estaba en perfecto estado. Hasta el momento había sido necesario su sustitución en cada revisión”.

Responsable de mantenimiento, Hotel Corralejo